Review: Need For Speed ​​Rivals

Review: Need For Speed ​​Rivals





On the basis of the new Need For Speed ​​Rivals is still the old cat and mouse game between the strong arm of the law and illegal speeders street. The choice of which side would swear your allegiance to you, or if you can not choose, there is the possibility to switch between these rivals at any time. By removing a real hard line between the factions, the choice is therefore perhaps not as black / white as it seems, and that applies equally to the old principle of off-and online gameplay. Rivals is in your offline world, after all, also populated by online players, whether it’s an online world with offline missions?


Need for Graphics

With the postponement of other racers as The Crewen Club Drive Need For Speed ​​Rivals has at least this fall, the arcade racing to themselves. The only competition in the field of racing games is Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 5, of which the latter has not yet officially available in the Netherlands. Obviously, these two titles are not comparable in terms of gameplay with a game from the Need For Speed ​​series, where the focus is mainly on slick visuals, speed and simple entertainment. After the success of the previous NFS game, Most Wanted, EA decided to form under the name Ghost, with half of the staff of Criterion was acquired. New studio

Rivals feels and plays like a real successor to the previous game, but moves from the urban existence of narrow alleys and hidden jumps for a more diverse world interconnected by vast expansive highways. You find yourself as a cop or racer in the virtual Redview County, which offers different landscapes from desert to snow-capped peaks all of which are rendered by the acclaimed Frostbite 3 engine (known Battlefield 4). Wonderful On top of this comes a stunning dynamic day / night cycle and dynamic weather effects. You see the autumn leaves swirling around when hurtling at 250 km / h along and even individual raindrops beading on your newly waxed car are visible.Graphically, the game perfectly fine, though I personally find it a great loss that no more camera angles, such as an in-car camera, or at least a hood view.

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Always on the run

Plenty of time to enjoy all these trappings is moreover not, because thanks to the always online system called Alldrive because there is always a rival or event near you needed attention. When I heard this Alldrive system for the first time I was there charmed to always have that offer more challenge than the AI ​​in most cases. Other racers around Unfortunately, in practice, the less picks out, in particular the limit of six players per world and necessary connection problems. Because Redview County quite a large folder and you drive around it but with five others still feel whether you’re alone.And the times I met someone I was working with an offline event, and made the usually frustrating and confusing moments, a real addition to gameplay area.

On top come over once the additional waiting and loading times when you want to play, the connection is lost or stop the host. Decision This takes you out of the game and each is a point where people work hard to be like Alldrive have any chance of success. Incidentally, this is not the only time when you are treated to inexplicably long wait, even if you have a safe-house or command post comes in, for example, to switch cars get twice a loading screen that I believe far too long. It urged me, at least not to any car exchange or perform as I did not want to have to wait for a simple menu that can be had. Think differently implemented an upgrade

I’d rather spend my time they race on paved and unpaved roads Redview, where the drop speed by speed cameras or other quick challenges still work just as addictive.When playing as a racer, it is obviously important to stay out of the hands of the police and which formerly never really felt like a matter of life or death, it does so now by a system in which you have gathered points ‘banks’ in safe houses. The longer you play and the more multipliers you accumulate, the faster and higher your score increases. Directly proportional to this also runs the pressure and tension, because now you have a small elite unit agents in Aston Martins and Ferraris chase you who intend to address. All that away from you At these moments Rivals at best, as the only moments where you sit on the edge of your seat, but that is often just as quickly degraded by frustrating moments with online racers or the lousy handling of the cars.


Form over function

As a true racing enthusiast, I can unfortunately not escape the control of Rivals, despite being an arcade racer is for me one of the most vague and ambiguous experience of the past few years. I understand that I have no realistic physics and handling natural to expect here, but what Rivals is presented has to do. Almost nothing racing The handling of the cars as inconsistent as can be, on the one hand, an absurd amount of grip and the other stores just as quickly in a total lack of it. Of course, you get used to this, and perhaps it’s because of the many hours I put in Forza 5, the last few weeks but I think it’s nothing and I almost never feel like I’m a real racing game playing.

However, the game feels just at its weakest when you act like ‘cop’ to go to war. As a police officer because you do not have points to banks in order not to get lost, and there is never tension you know as a racer when you are about to lose. Your hard-earned Speed ​​Points Here apparently decided they suddenly have to take into account the reality that some offenders may lose what they have built. Everything any contactI can imagine that it is fun to play when you are online with friends, but in the single player “mode provides the cop variant unfortunately too little challenge to stay. Interesting for a long time a game of ‘cops versus robbers’



Need For Speed ​​Rivals builds on the solid foundation that was laid by Most Wanted, but by playing it safe is the arrest that the game eventually turns around the neck.Standing still is after deadly that you experience not only in the game when you get arrested and lose tens of thousands of items, but also as a developer if you are more concerned with graphical feats than actually challenging and deep gameplay. For those who have not played previous Need For Speed, or for those who want patsen with its new console, the game still only offer best value for money. But if you are looking for a real racer, who do not complete the road contact is lost, then you’re probably better off elsewhere.

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This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of Need For Speed ​​Rivals. From our hands-on experiences during game grants the next gen version seems to be a significant improvement to offer but unfortunately we have not been able to this review it.

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