Latest Clash of Clans Hack 2014


I’m a very occupied person. I work on a job 24/7, but like everyone i like to play videogames. I’m no different than the rest of the people that you can find around the internet.

Sometimes while i’m working i pick up my android and start playing some games. That’s how i discovered the incredible game clash of clans.


clash of clans hack 2014



What is clash of clans?


Clash of clans is a strategy game where you build your village and try to conquer the players’ villages around you. As you can imagine it’s a very competitive game and it requires a lot of time invested on it if you want to be the best. That is a problem for me since i don’t have much time to spend on videogames as i said before.

So i decided to look up for ways of being better on the game without spending hours and hours to get gold, gems and other stuff needed to build my village. That’s how i discovered that some people were using a hack for clash of clans that gave them unlimited resources. That was the secret to the game. So i downloaded the clash of clans hack from a trusted website and tried it.

I added so many resources on the game that you can’t imagine, the game finally became more fun because i wouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to get those resources and probably being invaded by other players and loosing everything.


Clash of clans hack? What is That ?


The clash of clans hack is a tool that is complete safe and free and that works by hijacking some of the clash of clans database and getting the algorythm. That way you can hijack your own account and change the ammount of resources you have and never being discovered.

So if you’re looking for a way of getting better on the game and not spending a penny the clash of clans hack is what i recommend. As you may know the majority of players use cheats on online games, so that advantage that is given when you use it, probably all the other players are using it too, so you’re just using it to be at the same level of the other players.
Like sports, where athletes use steroids, in the gaming world athletes use cheats and hacks to be as much competitive as they can be.

So i repeat, if you’re interested in testing clash of clans hack download it now from a trusted website, i will give the link so you can try it yourself.

Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation

Games based on the Alien movies almost every detail from the series used. With love, the terrifying Xenomorphs reproduced, each sound of the guns and imitated known locations are imitated with great attention to detail. Yet there is always an element of Alien games that was hitherto always ignored: Ellen Ripley.

The heroine of the film is in fact not a heavily armed space marine, but an ordinary Warrant Officer on my ship. In Alien (1979), she was barely fighting back and the monster of the title for which she has mainly a threat to flight. Alien: Isolation is the first game to this setting dare to imitate. You plays namely as the daughter of Ripley and in a collision with a new Xenomorph you just as defenseless as your mother ever was.


Prey and hunter

Alien: Isolation really strives for a first-person horror game should be. The game does contain (fire) arms, but the Alien are barely effective and is your only other option you flee or hide very well. The Alien standing on the spaceship Sevastopol there is in fact a ruthless hunter who even Amanda Ripley’s anxious panting by the cabinet doors – where many other video game monster will never see – hear it. Isolation does a bit reminiscent of games like Outlast and Amnesia, but does not fall into the same traps.

It may happen that you do once seen and then pierced through the tail of the Xenomorph. In any other horror game that would mean that the game just loads and then you can continue. Shortly before the fatal moment again The result is that you know exactly where the alien is, what ‘he is going to do and what you should not do you want to survive this time. In Isolation every time you are laying reshuffled the cards. Bob Scrapping the being the first time you walked your way yet, an area the second time you try it is nowhere to be seen the beast and he jumps a few hundred yards away from a grid.


To perfection

It’s not just the randomness that Alien: Isolation must create exciting. The design of the spacecraft in which Amanda goes abandoned, dark and additionally in the exact same style as the computers and equipment from the USCSS Nostromo being inflated. At the end of the first film Small details, such as the font of your mission assignments and the sound of Amanda’s radar, are all recognizable to those familiar with the iconic films.

In addition, there are more threats to the ship for some present that can be known. Since the Xenomorph things in focus has put the ship is no one to trust and Amanda should not just watch out for the sample from the title, but also for other people and synthetics. Pale androids who also run the ship with their dead eyes just as creepy as other inhuman creature.

Androids are a lot tougher than the average person, but still kill. The crafting system is here include looking at, because by snooping around in cupboards and plenty of boxes under the ship gather your materials that you can use to deploy weapons. Join together For example, an EMP bomb that gives you the perfect opportunity to run. All the white blood out of such synthetic

alien isolation wallpaper

“They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!”

There is clearly a lot of time and effort put into it so successful mimicking the Alien world is going. The best example is the motion tracker with its rhythmic ticking indicates how close to other forms of life in the neighborhood. This gadget is crucial to survive in the dark places where your enemy can hide perfectly. At any point in the game you can conjure up this thing to see how much you are exactly in trouble. By Boxing to punch or to start a generator again because you can make so much noise that the attention of the alien intruder is drawn.

It all ensures that Alien: Isolation has not only the right atmosphere, but soon is damn exciting. With a learning and unpredictable enemy on your heels Isolation is a real horror game. The news that the game also play with the Oculus Rift is perhaps a little too much.

Alien: Isolation is because dangerously close to the horror of the films. We will thus almost look up to the time of eight to ten hours. You simply can scream until you’re hoarse, but in space nobody can hear you.

Gran Turismo 6 Review


When Sony asked Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital on the possibility of producing a set of cars that could achieve the status of a benchmark in automotive simulation platform for the first production , the PlayStation , the Japanese producer has not stopped thinking a place where all passionate about cars come together , and to share the experience . Since the evocation of that thought , surely that permeates each new entry in the series , until Gran Turismo 6 , just been launched on our territory , already passed 15 years. By this time , there is no doubt : Gran Turismo is the draft Kaz , as it is also known for its forthcoming . But it is also much more than a ” bible ” Car, incidentally , since the first Gran Turismo released in 1997 in Japan , the fans and supporters of the automotive industry know how special it is the work of PD .

Gran Turismo could never exist in the way in which we know it , without devotion , surrender, passion and professionalism employed by producers in a new entry in the series . There is a whole care, consistency , attention to detail , to the smallest detail , which has very little or nothing seems to escape the radar of PD . It is true that Sony Computer Entertainment invests increasingly in this series , and believe Kaz , today was not Gran Turismo brand in this industry and one of its facets , but whose side does and wants to go further in order to deliver a realistic , plentiful and embodied experience , contact with reality becomes imperative.

gran turismo 6 review


Kaz accumulates its functions in PD with driving cars on real tracks . Since 2009 is a professional pilot, having been present at several dominant evidence in Chapter resistance , especially with multiple passes through the 24 hours of Nurburgring , one of the most famous , the board sweeping Nissan GT -R . Kaz is a ” connoisseur ” , with one foot on the road, the other on the computer and a personal garage welcoming two beautiful specimens Ford GT . Sharing that makes its contact with the automotive world as experience, together with the requests of fans and desires of these for your car game , has dictated a safe and very consistent trend , although the design of Gran Turismo 5 has been a little longer , although acceptable if we think that the passage of generation was not only more visible as more complex for many producers .

Three years later and prepared to return to meet the expectations of fans , Kaz takes the stage to show their latest developments in the automotive simulator PS3 . Gran Turismo 6 improves almost everything good has GT5 and other modes and adds a few more areas related to motor sport , in an increasingly incredible , desirable expansion , without losing sight of the future , in collaboration with automobile manufacturers , in the background , the source of emotion to drive powerful racing cars and special . The segment of ” concept cars ” comes precisely translate this commitment and a solid foundation of collaboration that can become valuable in terms of feedback, knowledge , research and development to further editions .

gt 6 gran turismo ps3



What about game modes?


As was the case in GT5, the game modes are opened progressively occupying, some of them free spaces within the grid that is intended for them. However, this time the menu is optimized so that it is easy to get out and go from one mode to another, without losing load times or go through lengthy transitions, which is good because it allows us to go through different types of races quickly .



 Forza Motorsport 5 Review


forza motorsport 5 review







Now that you have the greatest console launches a few weeks behind us , the dust down again and all the fanboys crawled back to his holy relics , respectively PlaySation in your room of 4 or Xbox One, it’s time to stock up for decision . The edges of the “new gadget high ” are now called , and therefore can not influence the initial euphoria of a new generation of game consoles sheets is the empty judgment possible. I would not use the word goal, because the game is emotion, and emotions are never neutral or no preference . The first game I ‘ll look into it 5 Forza Motorsport for Xbox One , we (apparently the only positive for the current form of the European Union ) simply happy to import from, say , Germany , England or France .



Take a step forward …

Forza Motorsport 4 , which I have the most complete simulation racing consoles already mentioned , partly supported by the large amount of content , it quickly becomes clear that Forza 5 less complete in its abundance of content. Not only are there fewer cars to find (200 against 500 which had Forza 4) Furthermore, we also see a limited number of circuits. This is by no reason to panic , since Turn10 says to go for quality rather than quantity. However, it is at least one point that loyal fans Forza will fall so dive into the game. Immediately Moreover , there is and will in the near future , also known as package cars come with extra regular cars , but this is in most cases to be paid DLC that is not something that everyone can appreciate . Or track packages also come to include the large hole , at least for many of the catch foul Nordschleife is still questionable .

That Turn 10 is trying to capture the quality of content on spoiling the lack of quantity appears immediately from the fact that all existing cars now see in full glory , outside and inside, by Forza View mode , Auto Vista previously . This is a beautiful gift for the true car enthusiast , but not do much for me , I come here to run, after all, not to walk into a showroom . Visible in this mode is the attention to detail and forward in detailing the steps that Forza 5 has to make due to the greater power of Xbox Uno . Not immediately visible details include several layers of paint with which the cars are practically painted and which should lead to more realistic damage to race and believe me , barely there in abundance.



Indeed , not only are the cars that the next- gen reform also received 5 tracks in Forza are more detailed than ever , thanks to a technique called laser scanning . Displays all the small bumps on the asphalt transferred to the digital world , which ( according to Turn10 ) to obtain the most realistic depictions of classic circuits like Spa Francorchamps , Laguna Seca ( ” Damn , corkscrew chicane ” ) and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway . Through this labor intensive process , unfortunately , only a handful ( well, more than two handfuls ) environments in Forza find each configuration in most cases have multiple layouts and reverse versions . 5 Obviously , more is always better in the eyes of the consumer , but if I had to choose between the final copies of Forza 4 , or the new best and most varieties , I had chosen the current path that Turn10 is broken .

forza motorsport 5 review xbox
Graphically called mustache, but for prostitutes of pixels , the game is rendered in the native 1080p 60 frames per second . But what about the gameplay and brands that add something to this new generation of hardware ? That last question I can answer , at least with a resounding “YES ” . One of the first improvements you ‘ll notice if you play with a controller , the new controller crash triggers the Xbox Uno . Through small vibrating motors on the triggers , the game is now in a position to indicate when tires lose their grip on asphalt , or if you threaten to block. Inhibit their feedback This offers more control and precision , something that you may have. Usually require a flywheel Obviously it is not a substitute for running with good control , but given the fact that the wheels of the previous generation are not compatible ( Microsoft tsssk tsssk ) and a crappy plastic and overly expensive Thrustmaster MadCatz trying to sell is good we the driver is a better alternative than before .

In addition to these hardware enhancements , which of course also be used in other games can and will be , it takes Turn10 also operates in the field of physics . He partnered with a company , Calspan , specializes in testing for the automotive industry to simulate . Especially the behavior of tires accurately Instead of simply entering the game data has an ambitious goal to develop the data can be calculated based on data variables on the tire and car. Itself a model This system provides a more realistic treatment and give flexibility to the development of the Forza Motorsport series. It is difficult to compare with Part 4 , since I ‘m used to a steering unit , but Forza 5 feels just a bit more defined than its predecessor .



Road rage

The last major improvement comes in the form of Drivatar , a system of cloud-based artificial intelligence , which should ensure that the offline races are more exciting and more human than ever . What this does is store data in your own driving style . As you brake, what turns you take and what not , how do you deal with the overdrive is ? Etc. . These data are stored in the cloud ( ooh fancy schmancy ) and when you will run in offline career mode , your friends , they will Drivatar regularly and others are . This not only gives more will to win friends, but also needs to show a more human behavior in AI opponents . It is difficult to estimate if Turn10 accomplished that , after less than a month , because who am I to define what is human behavior and what is not ? What I do know is that the opponents are more aggressive than ever . Keep in mind that you get through almost any race without damage , even just a fender bender .

It is as if , because all my friends are idiots who can not drive a car if I have to believe Forza 5 , perhaps that is so, but perhaps the system is also set not too perfect. I hope the last , and we see steps going forward with a patch , because actually , I would not go back to their default AI circles like a train running ( hello , Gran Turismo ) . Also ensures that the course for aggressive AI snowball effect , the point is not cutting on the side occasionally pushing a car , intentionally or not , when once again go on the brake by an invisible deer that the Belgian Ardennes is not safe . This is a digital copy , aka aggressive Drivatar , and then go to another than people anticipate etc etc. Another major disadvantage is the speed of Drivatars , even on the hardest setting ( Beat ) again , is not really a challenge for experienced riders and that is perhaps the biggest gripe I have with Forza 5 ; challenge.



The offline ‘ career ‘ Forza 5 , where the majority of your time will pass that time set differently than we used to . There are now choosing , including specific tournaments out with any number of classes for a fixed number of races and breeds bonus . You can choose all classes and all the championships you want , provided you have a suitable car or buy , then you will have a brief introduction to the men of Top Gear . Looking excite a particular class or type of car and your emotions as a car enthusiast addressed. However , below you’ll find yourself in a very dry cycle menus and races without feeling that you are participating in a contest or competition. Feeling at once Even after winning a race or championship, you get just what screens dried presented with the results and points / credits that you have accumulated .

It is unfortunate that Forza still no improvement here know to do, because which one depends so strongly on emotion when it comes to the production of cars and interference TopGear , so difficult is beaten in a cold environment when you are really in ‘ race again. Something that obviously comes from his analytical perspective on race and simulation of it, but I would like to see that one can also consider looking at the human aspect of racing . A career mode with a story, or at least one wire would be very welcome . Of course it is good that you are totally free , but you still have a little sandbox that feels like I always have , and now ? Anything is possible, but nothing does.

Fortunately , there is still the possibility of racing , online and with the right in your friends list people will be the mode most exciting game you will find . Forza 5 Fortunately , Xbox Live is still a reliable service , which is much better in terms of connections among players with dedicated servers, so all my races was no lag . Unfortunately , the system of friends on Xbox A is less intuitive than we were used to , so it can look like you can handle, a lobby with friends , but once there , the voice quality and perfect connection . With this entry you can then races private car or participate in public lobbies where you simply co dwells party. Some modes of online game missing , like Tag and Drag Racing , added just before the publication of this update and therefore were not included in the eventual final score .


forza motorsport 5


Part five in the Forza Motorsport series, the first time a game launch to honor racing area should maintain a high Xbox . That there is close cooperation between the A team and Xbox Turn10 is obvious, particularly from snoring causes implementation on the hardware side , and optimization of reaching for 1080p60 on the software side . It made a point of bringing this AAA title at launch of a completely new platform in the market should also be clear and unfortunately also why some concessions have to do this almost Forza unworthy . Thus, there is currently available hard (compared to 500 in Forza 4 ), but the cars 200 and the number of slots is compared to the predecessor approximately half .

We therefore have the most advanced AI on (console ) Area Racing recover, as well as more realistic interpretations of world famous and highly detailed car lanes , it makes sense that something is wrong , I mostly good . Unfortunately , he misses the mark with the offline mode too sterile and a leveling system and claims that before the updates announced feels much like unnecessary grinding . Also Drivatar system still needed some tweaking I have every confidence that they have been on the right track . Despite all the negatives , I ‘m glad we decided to make Forza 5 , a game release , because for me this is definitely one of the best games of the next generation in full width , including all PS4 titles . Eventually, of course , there must be room for improvements to Forza 6 , I expected at least we now have dynamic lighting and weather effects come …


forza motorsport 5 review score

Review: Beyond: Two Souls


While playing Beyond: Two Souls there was always a question in my float above: “What exactly is the definition of a video game?”.According to various sources, we can define a video game as a medium in which a player can have on audiovisual signals that may or may not make up a story. Influence through a digital interfaceAccording to that definition, Beyond definitely a video game, or games, to name but says my feeling that we can rally under a yet to be defined genre crossover between games and movies. This game better The game is right in the twilight zone and therefore exhibits the necessary similarities with the world in which the story of Beyond: Two Souls takes place.


beyond two souls review


Spirits or entities are still often misunderstood phenomenon where everyone has an opinion about. The fact that there is little scientific evidence for or against paves the way for speculation and exploitation everywhere. Examples include television programs in which mediums are summoned to make contact with the dead, something that is dismissed by many as hogwash, contact but apparently commercially produce much. In the game world are also plenty of examples where entities play a key role, though there will be few gamers who believe that such situations can really exist. This detachment I felt while playing Beyond: Two Souls, which is one of the two leading roles played by a shapeless, intangible entity called Aiden.

Aiden’s mind as inseparable Jodie Holmes, the other key, which brilliantly played by actress Ellen Page (known from Juno and Inception). Together with them, you experience as a player, 15 years of their lives which is composed of chapters as a whole constitute a non-chronological discontinuity. In other words, the events in the story did not progress logically makes you one chapter 8 year old Jodie plays and the next with an adult Jodie who has already been given. Necessary emotional baggageThis baggage includes the fact that her parents Jodie lodging at a research institute, after more and more inexplicable things happen. From that moment Jodie raised by the scientist Nathan Dawkins (played by actor Willem Dafoe), who not only is her guardian but also to look for the possibilities of Jodie’s special forces.

As mentioned, you can fly from place to place in the story where you are for example in one chapter as an eight-year-old innocent outside in the snow playing, and then as a teenager to end up in a boat. Camp CIA The chapters telling in itself a major event or life in the life of Jodie and Aiden, the length varies from five minutes to an hour. For me personally made this way at least tell it that I always kept wondering at how the pieces would fall. Everything in place Letter received by foreknowledge of events that happened in relative terms the future or the past, an additional charge, which have given compared to when one would have a chronological narrative. Simply chose the story for me an extra dimension

beyond two soulds review

Appearances are deceptive

Heavy Rain Those who have played the previous game from Quantic Dream, will be somewhat familiar with how the game works like Beyond. The whole experience relies heavily on a cinematic experience that is expected of the player is to help deliver the story. Further input at certain times The gameplay consists of two parts, the action scenes and the moments when the characters are deepened and you (interactive) deals with the story. During action scenes, you can compare the gameplay with a shooter on rails, which is only required of you is that you give the correct commands through your input device. At the right time The game is not only playable with a controller, but also through your tablet or smartphone, which one is trying to take away. Threshold for non-gamers (who have stand a PlayStation 3)

Giving these commands do you do on your gamepad by pressing and holding down the right button, or by movements with the right stick. It is often the case that you can not really do anything wrong, but that your actions have a different scene may trigger.Eventually, though, you usually come out at the same point, on top comes again that it is not possible to die, so it was hard to find any tension for me. I’m personally not a fan of QTE’s (Quick Time Events), and even in a refined form as we see them here, they come to me as if they put into it as a necessary evil, with the idea that it is not a game anymore if you not every now and then a button (or should) button.

At other moments in the game you get more freedom, or I should say that it seems that you get more freedom, when you can walk around freely and can exercise. Any interaction with other characters or environment It is unfortunate that during these moments Beyond still holds your hand and predefined what you can and can not / should do. This aroused in me the impression that I had been given because it is not just a story wanted to read, but also the player’s expected that he also “read” documents only. These possibilities It is often during this ‘free’ pieces that you can make Aiden and his special powers. Too, by switching from character through the triangle, use Aiden can party with Jodie entity to help in various ways, mainly by influencing through telekinesis objects or taking over NPCs (Non Playable Characters) to perform. Kinds of actions

Again Quantic Dream puts restrictions on us, since you can not always affect objects or people leaving few opportunities to explore or experiment. The final part of the gameplay, there are still the ‘choice’ moments’ where you have to choose from a number of options in terms of actions or responses. You would expect these choices the rest of the story determine, but it seems like this is only the case with the decisions you make at the end of the game. In terms of gameplay, Beyond: Two Souls therefore little depth or challenge to offer the real gamers.



Slowly I come back to the question I asked myself: if a game is a game, and Beyond is that really so? Gameplay area there are elements present that we know from other games, but the extent to which these affect the course of the game is limited. And can this lack of challenge and interaction may offset other factors that are important for a good game? Two of the most important issues for the human perception are seeing and hearing senses, and together they form a prima facie opinion that lingers long in spite of other factors that come to light later. We’re are all sometimes guilty of, especially in games, we show the important first impression that the all-important initial image defines a game form by graphics.

In that respect Beyond a certain number of times, the best game I’ve ever seen, with the graphics sometimes photorealistic approach. On a console This experience is mainly due to the way they shape the main character has been able to give, through the modern facial animation and general capturing techniques. We recognize Jodie Holmes clearly the face of Ellen Page, which has been beautifully converted into a digital interpretation and regrettably also able to show as I’ve seen that. Never true emotionsAlso the character Nathan, played by Willem Dafoe, is very convincing translated into a 3D model, made up of thousands of triangles that come to life together on your screen. The other characters in the game are not happy omitted and an above average level, so you do not get the feeling that one has all the focus and time in Jodie and Nathan.

Outside the characters we see in general anywhere a little less high-quality graphics back, with in particular a few times when it feels all a bit below par. That the last life out of the PlayStation 3 one has to try to squeeze this game is clearly noticeable in the regular delays in image, or frame drops, which I have not experienced. Lucky as quite disturbing Due primarily to draw attention to the characters and using some clever techniques in terms of art direction one knows, however, conceal the fact that it is a game on an almost 8 year old console is here and not a next-gen title, and that is without further mention. an achievement


Speech is silver?

If you would like to tell you a story, but just have yet to be milked, the comparison with movies is not enough to just beautiful actors, props and a script. Everything must be aligned properly and performances are more important than outward appearance, like a movie you can really drawn into the story. This is also true for a game like Beyond: Two Souls, which has deployed much on telling a story that the game hinges on the performance of its protagonists. Fortunately, Quantic Dream has himself recognized this and they have chosen real actors who have not only been physical model, but have also put their soul into the character and it come alive with their own voice.

Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe play the lead roles with shine and bring their texts with conviction and palpable emotion. But not only they, as all actors do you really believe in the characters, though the supporting roles, although slightly less pronounced there.To support this high graphical splendor, along with the Hollywood worthy performances, there is a third audiovisual layer is extremely important for our sensory perception, and that’s the music. The music by Hans Zimmer comes, but another indicator how close games and movies abut each other and in the case of Beyond: Two Souls even overlap. The well-composed music knows to generate the right moments tension or emotion and support that the cinematic image of Beyond is made complete.



Looking back at Beyond: Two Souls, and my own review, I do not know so much how to describe my experience, let alone evaluate. It is for me personally one of the hardest reviews have been to write as I have been about which elements of the game, I was the most important now is to inform. Constantly in doubt Ultimately, I think you can see Beyond the best as an experience, where the gameplay is made to the story and its packaging. Subordinate In terms of outward appearance this game may to some extent compete with the next-gen titles we next month, too high expectations on may collapse. Filled us Until now, so two contradictory feelings, disappointment in terms of interaction, but admiration for everything one has managed to get out. This ancient creature still in the audiovisual field

The most important element in such a game much in common with the film genre, continues the story, especially when something needs to captivate. 10 hours For where a movie of 90 minutes away comes with flat characters and clichéd scripts yet that natural death knell for such a long adventure. Unfortunately, despite the urge to play me at the end nothing was left but disappointment over a missed opportunity. Well shoot Beyond herein or deficiency which, Quantic Dream flirt now for several years with this crossover genre of interactive film, or narrative game, but do not have to convert to the game that this, in my under-represented, genre defining title may indicate that the standard set for the next generation. If I can give a tip of the developers I would also recommend hiring a high script can put down alongside Hollywood actors and composers writer of level and I’m sure the gameplay flaws than can be. Amply forgiven

beyond two soulds review score


Review: Need For Speed ​​Rivals





On the basis of the new Need For Speed ​​Rivals is still the old cat and mouse game between the strong arm of the law and illegal speeders street. The choice of which side would swear your allegiance to you, or if you can not choose, there is the possibility to switch between these rivals at any time. By removing a real hard line between the factions, the choice is therefore perhaps not as black / white as it seems, and that applies equally to the old principle of off-and online gameplay. Rivals is in your offline world, after all, also populated by online players, whether it’s an online world with offline missions?


Need for Graphics

With the postponement of other racers as The Crewen Club Drive Need For Speed ​​Rivals has at least this fall, the arcade racing to themselves. The only competition in the field of racing games is Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 5, of which the latter has not yet officially available in the Netherlands. Obviously, these two titles are not comparable in terms of gameplay with a game from the Need For Speed ​​series, where the focus is mainly on slick visuals, speed and simple entertainment. After the success of the previous NFS game, Most Wanted, EA decided to form under the name Ghost, with half of the staff of Criterion was acquired. New studio

Rivals feels and plays like a real successor to the previous game, but moves from the urban existence of narrow alleys and hidden jumps for a more diverse world interconnected by vast expansive highways. You find yourself as a cop or racer in the virtual Redview County, which offers different landscapes from desert to snow-capped peaks all of which are rendered by the acclaimed Frostbite 3 engine (known Battlefield 4). Wonderful On top of this comes a stunning dynamic day / night cycle and dynamic weather effects. You see the autumn leaves swirling around when hurtling at 250 km / h along and even individual raindrops beading on your newly waxed car are visible.Graphically, the game perfectly fine, though I personally find it a great loss that no more camera angles, such as an in-car camera, or at least a hood view.

need for speed rivals

Always on the run

Plenty of time to enjoy all these trappings is moreover not, because thanks to the always online system called Alldrive because there is always a rival or event near you needed attention. When I heard this Alldrive system for the first time I was there charmed to always have that offer more challenge than the AI ​​in most cases. Other racers around Unfortunately, in practice, the less picks out, in particular the limit of six players per world and necessary connection problems. Because Redview County quite a large folder and you drive around it but with five others still feel whether you’re alone.And the times I met someone I was working with an offline event, and made the usually frustrating and confusing moments, a real addition to gameplay area.

On top come over once the additional waiting and loading times when you want to play, the connection is lost or stop the host. Decision This takes you out of the game and each is a point where people work hard to be like Alldrive have any chance of success. Incidentally, this is not the only time when you are treated to inexplicably long wait, even if you have a safe-house or command post comes in, for example, to switch cars get twice a loading screen that I believe far too long. It urged me, at least not to any car exchange or perform as I did not want to have to wait for a simple menu that can be had. Think differently implemented an upgrade

I’d rather spend my time they race on paved and unpaved roads Redview, where the drop speed by speed cameras or other quick challenges still work just as addictive.When playing as a racer, it is obviously important to stay out of the hands of the police and which formerly never really felt like a matter of life or death, it does so now by a system in which you have gathered points ‘banks’ in safe houses. The longer you play and the more multipliers you accumulate, the faster and higher your score increases. Directly proportional to this also runs the pressure and tension, because now you have a small elite unit agents in Aston Martins and Ferraris chase you who intend to address. All that away from you At these moments Rivals at best, as the only moments where you sit on the edge of your seat, but that is often just as quickly degraded by frustrating moments with online racers or the lousy handling of the cars.


Form over function

As a true racing enthusiast, I can unfortunately not escape the control of Rivals, despite being an arcade racer is for me one of the most vague and ambiguous experience of the past few years. I understand that I have no realistic physics and handling natural to expect here, but what Rivals is presented has to do. Almost nothing racing The handling of the cars as inconsistent as can be, on the one hand, an absurd amount of grip and the other stores just as quickly in a total lack of it. Of course, you get used to this, and perhaps it’s because of the many hours I put in Forza 5, the last few weeks but I think it’s nothing and I almost never feel like I’m a real racing game playing.

However, the game feels just at its weakest when you act like ‘cop’ to go to war. As a police officer because you do not have points to banks in order not to get lost, and there is never tension you know as a racer when you are about to lose. Your hard-earned Speed ​​Points Here apparently decided they suddenly have to take into account the reality that some offenders may lose what they have built. Everything any contactI can imagine that it is fun to play when you are online with friends, but in the single player “mode provides the cop variant unfortunately too little challenge to stay. Interesting for a long time a game of ‘cops versus robbers’



Need For Speed ​​Rivals builds on the solid foundation that was laid by Most Wanted, but by playing it safe is the arrest that the game eventually turns around the neck.Standing still is after deadly that you experience not only in the game when you get arrested and lose tens of thousands of items, but also as a developer if you are more concerned with graphical feats than actually challenging and deep gameplay. For those who have not played previous Need For Speed, or for those who want patsen with its new console, the game still only offer best value for money. But if you are looking for a real racer, who do not complete the road contact is lost, then you’re probably better off elsewhere.

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This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of Need For Speed ​​Rivals. From our hands-on experiences during game grants the next gen version seems to be a significant improvement to offer but unfortunately we have not been able to this review it.

Review : Sleeping Dogs



Sleeping dogs gameplay preview

“I ‘m not going to start again ” , ” No, really, I ‘m not talking about it , I’ll take these three letters in my mouth . ” It would be very easy to start this review and talk about ” the other game ” to go . This is an injustice to the game that I want to talk and is very obvious . Okay , there are many similarities , but I always say ” well better stolen than ill-conceived ” and therefore I’m Sleeping Dogs still short . It is not just an aspiring or rip -off of GTA . ” GR * & % $ # @ ! ” Now I have ” the game that shall not be mentioned ” still called ! Ah , yes, we have behind us . Come on now, but then move on to the agenda , or what this review is about , ie , the sandbox game from Square Enix , Sleeping Dogs .

Under Cover

As mentioned Sleeping Dogs is set in ” open world ” of Hong Kong . If the American / Chinese Wei Shen undercover cop , you have the difficult task of infiltrating the Triads , the Chinese mafia in this game called Sun On Yee called ( a nod to the actual Triad , Sun Yee On call ) . During the missions that come your way , you usually have to show their arts martial arts and it is a combination of the right amount of variety in technique and good timing to avoid attacks . Opponent In addition , you can make creative use of objects in their environment to help defeat his opponents . This could include telephone, garbage containers , chandeliers , circular saws and more.

But enough about the game’s content . Where I wanted to go back a bit is that I was very surprised when I had played the game . A large number of hours I had this game , because it really did not see it coming , and had not even heard much, as you often well in advance , intentionally or not , who distributed the “big ” titles . I actually had a flashback to last year , when we begin to level 30 in September and had to focus . Immediately on all major releases When a game is , in fact , initially eluded us, and let it be a game from Square Enix are . Then we of course take care to Deus Ex : Human Revolution , but this game was launched without much fanfare . So you see again that large-scale , expensive marketing needs to be a good game , no guarantee it will still end content , and as you continue to be a critical and not run like a lemming behind the crowd , you will discover the real gems among all the great triple violence .


Good Cop , Bad Cop

What in Sleeping Dogs is critical to the fight between good and evil that Wei Shen must make themselves . Quickly back in the game you find out that Wei Shen is not necessarily ” good” because it (although undercover ) police officer . Shen Wei has enough on his slate and balanced his life several times in the choice between good and evil . This internal conflict is , though not as explicitly as well reflected in the game and you will really sympathize with Wei Shen and creates a bond with the main character .

The game is that you have to keep alternating fulfill to get the favor of the Sun Yee On the one hand , and on the other missions you need during the execution of instructions from his superiors in the police or criminals contracts overthrow so slowly to the next web . Sun Yee On
clear that there are a number of recurring side quests that can be performed , including the roll gang of local drug dealers cutting cameras on the streets and act like drug dealers battelen in illegal street racing , not just to make money and climb balanced , but also possibly for the calculation of the key figures in the illegal street racing , plus you get during your hikes and walks through the atmosphere of Hong Kong also often the venues to ask you a favor , even this gain respect and money .

But the dichotomy between good and evil is not only in the development of your character or the various missions you must accomplish on behalf of both the triads and the police system level this is clearly recognizable dichotomy. You deserve to accomplish missions ie , experience points ( XPS ) , divided into triad xp xp xp police and face . When you level up in each category , you can unlock new fighting moves (again distributed to police and triad ) or more expensive vehicles and clothes (with xp face , giving him more respect ) . Finally , you can also level up , taking martial arts fights at school, where you will also learn new moves . classes


The King of Hong Kong

Although the story of Sleeping Dogs as good and interesting is that it seems to be an effort to leave to depart , Hong Kong has much more to offer. As mentioned earlier , you can cut street cameras in many locations in the game , which means a simple mind, but fun as breaking the code number system ” must be done in order to monitor drug trafficking in the camera rolling . Though the idea is very nice intentions , I missed when using the camera or any challenge. would have been nice if he had played a part here that you had to see to effectively capture the ‘ agreement ‘ as an additional difficulty until now was only a matter from a group of dealers set up the camera and then alert the police .

Another gameplay element that worked well was refreshing and touching a phone . First you should see in the right place where a sufficiently strong signal is anyway to intercept the call , then you should , paying attention and make the right choice at the time you select. Call the appropriate input

Besides these gameplay elements of value added is the Hong Kong of Sleeping Dogs also many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment . Then you get during your missions with several ladies contact all worth to join dating sometimes . These dates range from karaoke ( based on a kind of Guitar Hero minigame ) together for romantic cameras piracy street to relax together take classes in kung fu .
Furthermore , if females are you just too much you can on your own have to have your time so you can participate in street fighting for money and you can make money from betting on cockfights ” , a great opportunity to get out .. . ” .


Previously, you could read that you should try to infiltrate where you will ultimately make the necessary road race over illegal racing circuit Hong Kong something that in my humble opinion, especially when not racing game fanatic like Erik , very good was successful in this game. In any case, I had the feeling that the cars and bikes were running well and it was quite natural instincts .
And of course street racing there in persecutions necessary Sleeping Dogs , both on foot and by car or motorbike . This aspect I personally worked out really well and gives Sleeping Dogs really add value . Foot chases are spectacular , because you have to jump off the walls , tables and through the windows of the buildings , and that with a bit of good weather all happens very naturally and fluently . Car and motor unit is the facet and shoot at the same time using the bullet time a well balanced appearance , you will quickly master . Use What I found really cool is that you can come and create . Them to your property through a hostile takeover of a car or bike , again with the correct timing , the other vehicles Oh yeah, and I still sometimes very funny thought is that you should take into account that they set up in Hong Kong to the left of the road, an important detail .

Best stolen goods …

Sleeping Dogs is a game for me the best of several worlds . To reflect the inherent strength of the game , without prejudice, I tried to minimize any going to comment on , but if you look at the titles that sleeping dogs on a number of factors played lend, they really do nothing to shame for him are all top games . Aiming only to create opportunities for those who have the last push to need to pick this game at home a frame of reference : The combat system is similar to that in Batman : Arkham City , the race is very similar to the need for Speed ​​(not very strange if you know any old need for speed has anyway) , helped the layout and design of the open game world forces are very similar to the GTA series , and finally have the scenes shot , and then especially with the use of bullet time , like Max Payne . So also it is said again. I do not think they are at United Front Games and Square Enix have to be ashamed to be called with these titles . Between brackets And besides , if you read this review , well, there is sufficient evidence in dogs that are original and authentic Sleeping and Sleeping Dogs make up more than one title in its own right and independent , which leads to competition to deal with AAA next coming months violence.

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I think it’s clear that I Sleeping Dogs find a good game first . It combines the best of a wide range of titles and play another good bunch of new originals more elements to finally get that has the potential to become a new concept in becoming a well-balanced , attractive and distinctive palette expansion game titles a triple with an annual sequel , trequel and so on . Of course there are still some points where Sleeping Dogs is still continuing to develop , so the gameplay elements mini can be worked out, more challenging , the main argument for me quite twice as long , and are not inherent to a game of this size, here and there moments when NPCs like a spastic puppet appears stuck in the area , or sit in the scenes some anachronisms , but hey , who are the biggest hits of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg , further , where we are speak. Altogether Dogs for me one of the best titles of 2012 until the time of sleep , and there will be many more games coming out this year that the level of Sleeping Dogs can match , much less exceed .


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Rockstar games launches Patch on GTA V to solve online problems


Gta v Patch to solve online problems

Rockstar released a patch for the online portion of GTA V. The patch should resolve many issues on the server that players have with the game . In addition, the patch addresses problems associated with single player , so that it was part of the game unplayable.
Rockstar has announced that Patch 2.1 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for GTA V is now available.

The system should fix the problems with the online part of the game , GTA Online . Rockstar since the multiplayer part of the game launched last Tuesday , the game was plagued with server and other problems . The players were among the most solid in the multiplayer part tutorial mission , had trouble connecting with the Social Club and could not join multiplayer games . Moreover GTA online ensured even with some players before the single was inaccessible. Rockstar writes in the release notes for the patch released now that decided where the wheel to change the nature disappeared after loading a game not a problem .

The patch also fixes a problem where the single player missions , in some cases , were beaten and where the saved games story mode became corrupt . A status page put online by Rockstar , the players aware of the issues . It says here that include micro – operations are still disabled. With micro – transactions , real money can be exchanged for money in the game in GTA V. At the time of writing, the server issues were not fully resolved , so there are still some problems with instability . Players also reported that they have done , they lost their earlier characters and the game sometimes gets stuck on the loading screen . After installing the patch the tutorial mission again The missing characters with a few other players come back later . Grand Theft Auto Online allows up to 16 players freely in and around San Andreas go about their business . Additionally , players can participate in various activities , such as deathmatches , races, and bank robberies . Players can also join a team so that they can take out the city .


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